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What is a

Cooperative Game?

In a cooperative game, players work together against the game, not against each other. Kids learn vital skills like listening, sharing and collaboration all while boosting their self-confidence. What makes cooperative games so special is what kids take with them to help them play well in the world.



Kindness is essential to success in life. Cooperative games blend playful fun with a chance to learn compassion and practice kindness toward others.



Common goals teach kids to work together. Cooperative games enable players to win or lose as a team, which builds resilience and strengthens friendships.



Nothing is more important than meaningful connections. Cooperative games are an engaging way to turn off the screens and join together for face-to-face play.

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Meet celebrated cooperative game Designer, Matt Leacock, and try out his new cooperative game, Mole Rats in Space, at EndGame Cafe!

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June 10, 2017
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