Game Inventor Insider ft. Peggy Brown

March 15, 2017

March is National Women's History Month! Here at Peaceable Kingdom we celebrate women every day. We are taking the opportunity to highlight our female game inventors and how proud we are to have them on our team! See for yourselves why these women are so great. 

blogauthorimagePeggy Brown grew up in Milwaukee, and both of her parents were elementary schoolteachers. When you’re raised by teachers, you’re never late for anything in your life! My mom quit teaching to take care of me, my brother and sister, and we had a great time exploring the city, and playing together every day. I’ll admit I was a little bored in school because I was smarter than the average bear. I’m certain that boredom caused me to retreat into my imagination to make the time interesting and keep my active mind occupied. I was the only girl in my college graduating class in Industrial Design. Girls don’t always get the same opportunities as boys – we have to work that much harder just to compete – it was that way in school, and it’s the same in the inventing business. It’s frustrating, and it will either defeat you, or make you excellent.

  1. When did you begin inventing games?
    I remember games we had in the old days were a little dull, so we made up extra rules. Keeping the dice in my brother’s ears was a favorite.

  2. What Peaceable Kingdom games have you designed?

    Count Your Chickens, Snug as a Bug in a Rug, Willy’s Wiggly Web, Noodle Speedoodle, Engineering Ants

  3. How did you come up with the concept for Count Your Chickens?

    I originally made it as a game for The Count on Sesame Street. I really like how he laughs, “AH AH AH!” I wanted to make a game where the kids do the counting, and the spinner doesn’t tell them how high to count.

  4. What is your all-time favorite game to play?

    I still really like Pictionary. Watching people draw is fascinating to me – it’s a glimpse inside their minds.

  5. If you had advice to young game inventors what would it be?

    Make sure you reeeeally like inventing, and you better be a good salesperson because you will need to convince a lot of people that your work is good, and it’s worth the investment to mass-produce it. People are generally pretty hard to convince. It’s like selling peanuts at the ballpark. “HEY! Who wants PEANUTS?!” You have to climb up and down those steps in the hot sun, carrying a heavy box, and ask hundreds of potential customers if they want peanuts, some of whom just want to watch the game, some aren’t hungry, some spent all their money on hot dogs, some are allergic to peanuts… it takes a lot of hustle to find that customer and make a sale.

  6. When do you find you have your best ideas?

    Anywhere in unexplored territory – new horizons, road trips, changes of landscape are inspiring to me.


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