It’s More Than Fun and Games!

What Cooperative Play Can Teach Our Children

Cooperative Play

It's 1:00 pm on a Saturday and you have an unexpected pocket of time to play with and enjoy your kids. They run to the closet and grab a board game, which seems like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Midway through the game, you realize that you're winning or that your kids are arguing over who's ahead of whom.

You might feel cornered because you either lose on purpose to avoid the inevitable meltdown, or you stand by helplessly as one sibling exclaims, "I win!" and the other dissolves into a sobbing puddle. You set out to have fun, but this distress isn't it. Losing on purpose isn't fun and neither is watching your kids bicker.

Scenes like this – where family fun time quickly dissolves into family frustration time - may be all too familiar. Playing games together should be time filled with giggles and joy, bringing out the best of us instead of the versions of ourselves of which we aren’t so proud.

Here at Peaceable Kingdom, we strive to create and a game play experience that addresses the lack of cooperation, while also nurturing our kids' growth.

Kids Truly Learn Cooperation!

Unlike traditional games, Peaceable Kingdom cooperative games organically create community among the players. Kids learn to work together as a team in respectful and compassionate ways. They learn to share, make decisions together and trust one another, all while working towards a common purpose – defeating the game – while also having fun!

Cooperative games allow kids to experience inclusive play situations that build self-esteem and help shape emotional development. Kids get to play leader, follower and even peacemaker – sometimes all in the course of a single game. This kind of play helps kids build valuable life skills today so they can play well in the greater world tomorrow.

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