Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game

A Social Emotional Game That Develops Empathy and Compassion

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  • Ages3+
  • Players1-4
  • No ReadingRequired

Learning Skills

  • How to recognize and name emotions
  • What it feels like to be a helper
  • How to cooperate


How to Play?

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Friends and Neighbors is a matching game that focuses on emotions. Can players help a little girl who's sad because she's standing out in the rain or a boy who's afraid of the dark? Reach into the Helping Bag and Pull out a token - can it help someone on the game board? If so, it's a match!

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Why Kids

Love This

In playing the game and reading about the feelings and needs of the characters, parents can help their children recognize feelings in others - the first step to building empathy.


  • 4 game boards
  • 14 tokens
  • 1 Helping Bag
  • 1 Stop Sign board
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Parent Guide
  • Friends and Neighbors Story Book


  • Inventor Shanon Lyon and Marisa Pena of Department of Recreation
    Art by Beatrice Tinarelli