Sunny and Stormy Day!

The playful way to encourage sharing from the heart!

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  • Ages3+
  • Players2-4
  • Minutes15
  • No ReadingRequired


How to Play?

Download Instructions

Read the book - Follow along with Max the hedgehog as he experiences the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of his day.

Play the Game - Scenes from Max’s day make up a colorful matching game that’s simple to play. Using your memory skills, find “sunny” and “stormy” matches from the book before the moon comes up and Max’s day is over.

Start a Family Tradition - Three tokens — a sun, cloud, and rainbow — are the only tools you need to begin talking about the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of your day as a family.

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Why Kids

Love This

Sunny and Stormy Day! was created as a way for families to build a daily habit of sharing from the heart. You can do it at bedtime or anytime that works for your family, such as dinnertime or when you’re on your way home from school. Find your special time of day when you each can share something that happened to you and how that made you feel.


  • 20 Picture Tiles
  • 4 Moon Tiles
  • 6-Piece Moon Puzzle
  • Sunny and Stormy Day Book
  • Heart Token Pouch