Willy's Wiggly Web

A Wiggly Wobbly Cutting Game!

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  • Ages3-6
  • Players2-4
  • No ReadingRequired

Learning Skills

  • Cutting with scissors
  • Recognizing left & right
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Counting
  • Taking turns
  • Working cooperatively


How to Play?

Download Instructions

Can you cut all the little bugs free before Willy the Spider falls from the top of the web? Watch out—it’s wiggly! Set up the web and place Willy and the 10 bugs all around the web. Pick a card, follow the instructions to cut the web, and then pass the scissors either left or right. Work together to cut all the bugs free, and you all win!

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Why Kids

Love This

Willy's Wiggly Web encourages kids to work together to cut the bugs free from Willy. This way, kids work together, learn together and they help each other! Willy’s web becomes wobbly and adds a challenging aspect to the game, as well as exciting anticipat

Check out this quick, how-to video


  • 1 pair of child-safe scissors
  • 6 web posts and platform
  • 1 Willy spider
  • 10 bugs
  • 30 cards
  • Instructions for 3 game levels
  • 50 paper webs


  • Inventor Peggy Brown Creative Consulting
    Art by Andy Rash